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Backup Schedule from 1 time to 2 times a day

Post by Stephenv »

I wish to change my schedule from once a night to two times a day.
Currently we have our retention policy at 14 points.
What do I need to change so I get the backups to run at the same time at night and day 12 hours later during the day?
I wish to keep the same number of days 14 so I would have to increase this to 28 on the retention policy.
I’m just a bit lost on the run the job automatically “Periodically every” 12 hours the click the schedule then the time periods.


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Re: Backup Schedule from 1 time to 2 times a day

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No sure if this would work?

Manually run the job (daytime run) then change the Schedule whilst running to every 12 hours the next run will be 12 hours from the manual run and so on.

Or create a windows scheduled task


You can block out all the time available for backup apart from say 00:00 -1:00 & 12:00-13:00 and set to run every 12 hours

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