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backup size on storage

Post by rez »

hi support,
please find attached screenshot,
a report indication 49.9GB backup size, is it after compression/dedupe or before? need to determine how much is this job consumed storage on repository.
cheers,!AozL_8Kgz1QyjJtB2u4 ... w?e=7o0DdK
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Re: backup size on storage

Post by Mildur »

Hello Rez

This mail shows you only one job session and not the entire job. This job session created 49.9 GB backup file/files on your repository. So it‘s after compression/dedup. ... ml?ver=110

If you want to know all files of a backup job, you can view the backup properties or your job: ... ml?ver=110

Please consider that synthetic fullbackups may not use the entire size on your backup repository if you use reFS or XFS. Veeam will show the entire size, but because of FastClone they will be spaceless on your repository (only incremental blocks will be stored for a synthetic full).

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