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Backup slow.

Post by NathanB »

Hi Guys,

My Veeam backup has had a few issues of late that I have corrected, however my last successesful backup ran for far longer than it should.

The task backed up 3 virtual servers fine, but then ground to a halt for 4 hours when it hit my exchange. Below are the logs from the time it was inactive.

[25/06/2009 12:12:40 PM]Info Rollback all files of TEM6M001 (Exchange) directory in F:\veeam backups\TE_CLUSTER\TE_CLUSTER.vbk backup file from F:\veeam backups\TE_CLUSTER\TE_CLUSTER2009-06-11T200009.vrb

[25/06/2009 12:12:40 PM]Info Agent command: "undir\nveeamfs:0:ec7671d9-a6da-4acd-bfc2-01154601eea3 (vm-22)/@F:\veeam backups\TE_CLUSTER\TE_CLUSTER.vbk\nF:\veeam backups\TE_CLUSTER\TE_CLUSTER2009-06-11T200009.vrb\n"

[25/06/2009 5:39:29 PM]Info (local) Service output: >\n

[25/06/2009 5:39:29 PM]Info Put summary back to backup
As you can see, activity stopped for a large block of time between 12.12pm and 5.39pm.

Any ideas what might cause such a huge lag?

-Nathan B
Vitaliy S.
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Re: Backup slow.

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Nathan,

Could you please tell us what is your target storage? Also it will be really great if we could have a look to your full job log. You may send it to

Could you also tell us whether your previous session for this job was successfull or not? Cause it seems like it wasn't and the job was rolling back changes from VBK, that's why it might take it so long. Most likely your second run for this job won't take that time again.

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