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Backup speed expected over iSCSI 10Gbit SAN

Post by BigGeorge » Jan 04, 2013 3:25 pm

Hi all!

A little big question:

We're planning (and testing) a new server environment and we have a doubt:
what is the backup speed expected using SAN backup method over 10Gbit/s SAN infrastructure?
and yes: we know that depend from Storage quality/settings/concurrency and from repository server performance (disks/raid/processor/ram etc.), but "in a ideal world" what we do expect from veeam backup speed (no compression, no dedup: job configured for best speed)?

1. We suppose that 180GB/s over a 10Gbit SAN is a poorly performance... or not?
2. Using a Storage with 12xSAS15k RAID10, SAN 10Gbit network, Backup server with 12xSAS 15k RAID10 (and cache-enable on controler :wink: ), Low compression and not Dedup ... what performance theorically we can reach (or/and you've reached)?

Thank you :D


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Re: Backup speed expected over iSCSI 10Gbit SAN

Post by tsightler » Jan 04, 2013 4:08 pm 1 person likes this post

180GB/s would be pretty fast, as that's much faster that 10Gb could ever hope to deliver, so I'll assume you mean 180MB/s. :wink:

Is the proxy physical or virtual? What transport mode? For virtual, I normally tell people to expect no more than about 150MB/s, although I've seen a few cases where performance is higher, reaching close to 200MB/s. For physical, I've seen speeds from 300-400MB/s, and, in one case, ~650MB/s, which is probably the fastest I've personally seen with 10Gb. I did see one customer that was near 800MB/s, but that was an 8Gb FC setup rather than iSCSI and was a very low-latency storage system (SSD).

Does your storage system have any monitoring? What do the bottleneck stats show? You can usually do the math between request size and latency on the storage and determine roughly the max you can expect.

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Re: Backup speed expected over iSCSI 10Gbit SAN

Post by dellock6 » Jan 04, 2013 4:12 pm

Sorry for not giving you a real answer, but as you stated, "it depends".
The ideal maximum speed is 1280 MB/s, so I think you meant 180 MB/s in your supposition. Well, it's not bad if it's about a full backup reading every block from the production storage, in the following days you could expect even higher numbers thanks to CBT.
I think the best I've seen in such situations was around 200-220 MB/s, but with many more disks on the production storage than those you're saying, around 30 SAS15k disks and 2 Gb cache on the controller (NetApp 3270).
You can do some simulations by using this tool:
but even with huge IO block size (1 MB) and 100% sequential reads the maximum speed is around 400 MB/s.

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