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Backup to cycled disks

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How can we achieve a scheduled backup to a disk that will be cycled on a periodic basis (manually). This could be any external USB disk drive or e.g. some RDX type media (Tandberg backup system using disk-based media). Both appear as a real drive letter in the system, so Veeam could easily be pointed to it for backup.

But: Creating a normal backup job will flawlessly backup to the first disk/media. On the next run, when another, initially empty disk/media is mounted, the same job will complain about the missing .vbk. No backup will be done.
Creating different jobs for the different media seems impossible due to the scheduler of Veeam Backup not allowing to choose weeks or days in the month.

We would e.g. like to have a weekly cycled drive holding several incremental backups each.

What would be best-practice for this scenario.

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Re: Backup to cycled disks

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Re: Backup to cycled disks

Post by Felix »

Hmm, I've been running backups this way in Veeam Backup 3.1 and I deleted the .vbk before each backup run to avoid creating a .vrb, because the storage media was too small to hold that. If no .vbk was found, VB just started a new full backup and recreated it.

I haven't tested this with Veeam Backup 4.1, because I changed the backup strategy to always backup to the internal RAID and use a batch profile to run after job completion to copy the .vbk to an encrypted USB drive for offsite storage.
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