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Backup to Tape - "Big File" always modified

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I am using Veeam to backup my only ESX server that has 4 VM's on it. I am backing up to a local hard drive, them from there using NTbackup to backup to tape for off-site storage.

The problem is that there seems to be smaller files with a .vrb extension that are probably the changes backed up for that day. Then the big file with the .vbk extension also shows that it is modified after each Veeam backup. This means that NTBackup is backing up this big file as a new file each time I backup to tape.

Am I not understanding something properly here or is there a better way to avoid this problem.


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Re: Backup to Tape - "Big File" always modified

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Mike, yes - this is expected behaviour due to Veeam Backup leveraging synthetic backup.
You can find more information about synthetic backup in this blog post: Veeam synthetic backup explained
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