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Backup to VTL D2D appliance

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Trying to figure out if Veeam Backup supports backing up directly to a VTL appliance like an HP StorageWorks D2D2502i? I want o use two of these unites for Data duplicate features and to replicate over to a co-location. This is the most cost effective solution that I have found without using Data Domain unless others have other suggestions.

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Re: Backup to VTL D2D appliance

Post by Gostev »

Hello Kiya, generally Veeam Backup does not care about underlying storage. We can backup to any storage that you can either connect directly to Veeam Backup server, or ESX host (as storage), or make it appear on network as CIFS share.

However, some storage devices featuring data compression/deduplication may not work well with synthetic backups (in other words in scenarios when large file is being updated during each incremental pass). Actual storage performance may be very low, affecting your backup speed.

Since you mentioned DataDomain - we are partners with them since last year, and they actually had to make changes in their storage device firmware to better support synthetic backups. Before this change, performance was pretty terrible.

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