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Backup Transfer To USB Drive

Post by jgrabowski »

Hi All,

We have been using drive imaging and ntbackup using batch files and the task scheduler. The backup files are transferred to a WinXP Pro box with a 1Tb drive, archived with WinRaR and then to a USB drive of off site storage.

How can I work this with Veeam backup. Can I archive all the files in my Veeam backup folder, the vbk and vrb files? How would I do a bare metal restore from the usb drive?


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Re: Backup Transfer To USB Drive

Post by Gostev »

Hello John,

I would use our "post-job script" functionality to automatically copy the produced backup files to your USB drive. You need to copy all backup files, VBK and VRB. More information on those files can be found in the following blog post: Veeam Synthetic Backup Explained.

I don't think you need to use extra WinRAR compression since Veeam Backup has built-in compression and deduplication. I doubt WinRAR will be able to beat our "Best" compression level significantly.

Bare metal restore is quite simple. You need Veeam Backup installation (takes 3 minutes to install if your lost you main installation). Then, click Import Backup button on the main toolbar and browse to your VBK backup file on USB drive. The backup will be registered in UI, and you will be able to restore it using method (entire VM restoration with registration, extraction of individual VM files (VMX, VMDK), or instant extraction of individual guest files - with version 3.0 we support pretty much all commonly used file systems for this operation).

Hope this helps.
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