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Backup Type for Environment

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Hi, I am looking for some guidance on the way I should be backing up my environment with Veeam given some of our guidelines:

I am looking to do a backup to disk everynight for 7 days (Monday - Sunday). Then write that week to tape and send that to iron mountain for a 4 week rotation. Then I want to do a "monthly" that gets stored for a full year before it gets recycled.

Here is what I was thinking for Backup Mode in Veeam:
Enable Synthetic Fulls (created on Saturday)
Transform previous full backup chains into rollbacks.

Backup to Tape
When I backup to tape I am just backing up the vbk file for each job (???? Not sure if this is what I want if I need to restore different days ????)

My other issue is when I do a restore from a weekly tape, I need to make sure I can go back to all the days for that week and I am not sure I can do that if I just backup the vbk file. So I am not sure if I need to include all files for that certain backup job.

Some help or suggestions would be appreciated. Or if i am doing this the right way just a little "that is the way to do it" would be great.

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Re: Backup Type for Environment

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Hi, VBK file contains only single restore point, in your case it would be a Saturday VM backup. Provided that all restore points are required, then you need to offload VBK and VRB files together (entire week backup). Thanks!
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