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Backup VM MS SQL Server using AAP, but excluding database fi

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I set up the Veeam task for the VM with MS SQL Server. In the task, I enabled AAP with transaction log processing in copy only mode, but in the file exceptions setting indicated that I want to exclude the VM directory that contains the database files. The job successfully worked, I restored the target VM from the backup, made sure that the excluded database is in the recovery recovery state (its files are missing). Next, I tried to restore this database from a backup VM using the Restore application item and got an error: failed to retrieve the security descriptor from "C: \ folder1 \ Volume1 \ SQL_DB \ datafile.mdf". The system can not find the file specified.


1. Does Veeam back up the MS SQL Server database as DBMS does (by executing BACKUP DATABASE at the instance level)? Or is Veeam backing up the database at the level of the database files, just copying them, relying on VSS?

2. Why when I exclude database files from AAP processing I still see the database as available for recovery in Veeam Explorer for Microsoft SQL Server, but can not recover?

3. Are there any documents detailing the procedure for backing up the MS SQL Server database using Veeam?

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Re: Backup VM MS SQL Server using AAP, but excluding databas

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1. Veeam puts the database in a consistent state using VSS, takes a snapshot, and the whole content of the snapshot (including the database) is copied into a backup file.

2. When you exclude a database it is skipped by VSSWRITER thus the database is in inconsistent state in a snapshot and cannot be recovered.

3. Yes, there are several of them:

- SQL Server Backup & Restore Strategies
- User Guide
- MSSQL backup Best Practices


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