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Backup Window for Post Job activity

Post by topry »

We have multiple backup/replication jobs that run daily, most of which are chained from one - which in turn executes another as a post-job activity, which in turn runs another etc.

Since the backup window settings are only available for the first job that has a schedule, will the last job in the chain respect the backup window set in the first/scheduled job? Is there a way to set the backup window indivdiually for jobs that are started via Post Job activity? (since the option is disabled unless a schedule is set, I did not know if it would work if I set it to daily but unselected all the days).

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Re: Backup Window for Post Job activity

Post by Gostev »

Backup window is a per-job setting, it does not work across jobs. Instead of doing what you do, you should really be using v6 intelligent load balancing to achieve the desired job concurrency. This way, you will be able to enable scheduling and set the backup window option for each and every job. Thanks!

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