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BackupCopy and GFS from Source ignoring No of Restore Points

Post by andreash » Mar 01, 2017 10:41 am


we have several customers with GFS repositories on RAID6 NAS devices. Their performance is suitable to create a GFS restore Point within a reasonable timeframe, so we enabled "Read the entire restore Point from source backup instead of synthesizing it". This has brought down GFS creation time from several days to ~8 hours, which is ok for us.

But apparently the Backup Copy Job no longer applies the "Restore points to Keep" setting, but keeps all incrementals until the next GFS restore point is created. This is according to the documentation ... _full.html
As we keep 4 weeks of daily backups anyway we have chosen not to have weekly GFS backups, but only monthly backups. So the Backup Copy Job accumulates 30 incrementals before the chain is removed, and does not create it's of Retention Full Backup.

I'm not sure why the Backup Copy job need to behave like this.

Is this because the setting is targetted against Deduplication Appliances which would take a large IOPS hit even during daily transformations?

Maybe it is possible to put in a Feature Request here to be able to treat the "Restore Points to keep" and "GFS Archive" entirely separate, i.e. have the option to only keep two Restore Points in the Backup Copy but still read GFS Restore Points from Source.


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Re: BackupCopy and GFS from Source ignoring No of Restore Po

Post by veremin » Mar 01, 2017 10:51 am

This is by design behaviour. When you enable "Read the entire restore point from source backup instead of synthesizing it" option, you basically convert backup copy job from forward forever incremental mode to forward with periodic fulls one. And retention starts to work in accordance with these patterns. Thanks.

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