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Backups by Physical server or server type

Post by aich365 »

Should I create my backup jobs by the Physical server on which the VM is based or should I group them by type.

e.g. we have 10 RDS servers located on different hosts should I create one RDS backup for all these jobs or should I create 5 jobs as they are spread across 5 physical servers. There are other VMs on any physical server so should I create one "physical" backup to include all these vms?

I am concerned that to backup the RDS example Veeam would have to service 5 different physical servers during the backup, leading to increased overhead.


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Re: Backups by Physical server or server type

Post by foggy »

Hi Clive, basically, you can group VMs using any factor that is reasonable in your particular environment, totally up to you. It can be grouping critical VMs together to have lower RPO, for example, or VMs that should have similar retention. Also keep in mind that Veeam B&R performs dedupe between VMs in the job (unless you use per-VM backup chains), so the more VMs with similar OS (or even created from the same template) the job has, the higher space savings will be. As to the overhead, then just make sure you have enough proxy servers resources to handle the processing load.

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