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Backups filling diskspace

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I have set up backup job with following:
Backup mode Virtual Appliance, restore points to keep 7, deleted VMs retention period 30, incremental with synthetic full once a week and transform previous full backups chains into rollbacks, deduplication on, compression(optimal), local target. Backup target is local disk on Veeam backup server.

The problem is with this configuration i will end up with 2 or more full backups in disk (.vbk) and to my understanding there should be only one after transform? This leads to problem with disk space since vbk is rather big ( 800gb).

Any ideas?

- Harri

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Re: Backups filling diskspace

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Hello Harri,

With transform option enabled you shouldn't have 2 or more full backups on disk, that's correct. But I'm pretty sure that the reason why you currently have multiple full backups (VBK) is your "Deleted VMs" retention policy settings. Deleted VMs should "age out" first (after 30 days) and only after that their restore points will be deleted.

In order to store only single VBK file at any given time, you need to have deleted VMs retention policy set to 7 (assuming that you run backup jobs once a day).

Thank you.

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