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Backups very slow! ESX 4.0U2 Throttles Console r/w again?

Post by alexr »

After I upgraded ESX4.0 from U1 to U2 the issue with console throughput throttling came back. Backups are very very slow again!
Any suggestions. Does anyone know if the issue has been resolved in ESX4.1

Thank you

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Re: Backups very slow! ESX 4.0U2 Throttles Console r/w again

Post by Vitaliy S. »


If we are talking about vStorage API NBD job mode, judging by Trevor's post there is a significant boost for data processing rate while using vSphere 4.1: ... 39&start=0

So it looks like it is worth trying to upgrade your ESX Server and see how it reflects on your backup speed. Hope that helps!

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