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BBP Question ...

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Hello and Happy New Year,
I'm using Veeam Backup & Replication and I personally love this product. My question is as following. What are the benefits of haveing Veeam taking care of all the VM's compared to having Netbackup backing up all VM's. It's most likey a pretty general question but maybe someone can give me some advantages why it would be best of having Veeam to take care of the backup solution.

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Re: BBP Question ...

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What a loaded question! ... It depends.

I am not familiar with NetBackup but I use Backup Exec to do our Physical Servers and Veeam for our VMs. Backup Exec offers an "agent" that will backup VMs using the VMware API to backup the VMs through th eSAN but it is way more expensive then Veeam. that's one of the major reasons why went went with Veeam. also Veeam seems to be an inovator in Backing up VMs and tend to be the first to market with new features.
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Re: BBP Question ...

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Please use an existing topic:
Veeam vs Netbackup 7

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