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Best practice for Veeam backing repository

Post by gsegree »


I purchased a QNAP 1279U-RP and I was wondering if I should use the CIFS protocol for backing up all my VMs or use iSCSI?
What would be the preferred approach?

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Re: Best practice for Veeam backing repository

Post by Gostev »

Hi, iSCSI is preferred for reliability considerations per our support statistics. Thanks!

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[MERGED] Veeam B&R 6.5 with Qnap

Post by manx75 »


I have been searching the forums but haven't yet found a definitive setup/guide on the best setup for a Qnap NAS with Veeam.

Currently we have vSphere 5.1, Veeam B&R 6.5 and a Qnap TS469L with 8TB storage.

Veeam is installed on a dedicated physical Windows 2008 R2 Standard Server, the Qnap is connected to the LAN with both NIC's teamed.

Our Backup Repository is configured as CIFS Shared, everything backs up fine but backups are painfully slow maximum seems to be around 30 MB/s and if I am lucky I get 60 MB/s.

Just wondered if there are any other options I can try, ideally I don't want to add a Linux box as it's another thing to manage, I read that iSCSI is still a bit unreliable so wondered what is the best setup in my circumstances.


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Re: Best practice for Veeam backing repository

Post by foggy »

Mark, what are the bottleneck stats for your jobs and what transport mode is used to retrieve VMs data from the source storage? Just to check whether QNAP is the backup speed limiting factor in your case... And what backup mode do you use - forward or reverse incremental?

Btw, a couple of other existing topics regarding QNAP as a target repository, probably will give you some hints:
Veeam NAS - Qnap 879u-RP
NFS Repository on QNAP Appliance
Veeam server running slowly after migrate raid 1 to raid 5


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