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Best way to rebuild VM using Veeam

Post by sixpack »

We have a Exchange VM with 4 disks on a 1TB RAID10 partition.

We need to rebuild the disks so that each of the 4 disks is on its own 200GB RAID1 partition.

Does anyone have any suggestions on the best way of doing this with minimal downtime?

We have another server to replicate to with 1TB of space.

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Re: Best way to rebuild VM using Veeam

Post by tsightler »

This sounds like a job for Storage vMotion, not Veeam, unless of course you don't have that feature. With Storage vMotion this would be a no downtime change.

The problem you'll have with using Veeam to do this is that it can't replicate to multiple stores. I posted my workaround to this Veeam limitation by using symbolic links, and you could certainly get there with that, but it's not really a supported method.

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