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Big retention

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We need to have a retention on disk of about 12 months. We have about 7TB VMs to backup, and we are going to buy a storage with cheap disk of about 40TB. We are also planing to use a Tape Library for archive whe the v7 finally arrives.

The question is, is it possible to have a 12 months retention policy? is it recommended? what backup strategy do you suggest?

Thank you

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Re: Big retention

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Claudio, the maximum number of restore points you can specify in the backup job is 999, so technically you can have any retention you wish within this limit. Hard to comment regarding recommendations, as this is completely up to the specific policies adopted in your company (so if you are required to keep daily restore point for the last 12 months, you have to keep them). However, consider implementing GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention, which will be available in the upcoming Veeam B&R v7, as it much more space-friendly and yet provides ability to restore far back in time. Thanks.

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