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Block Size & Replica Restore points

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1-What about Block size? Does Veeam B&R by default sets the block size to 1024 KB/1MB? Can we reduce this size by any means to improve the replication perfomance over WAN?

2-Can we define a retention policy for restore points created by Veeam for each replica job? Just to clarify that I want to keep only last 3 restore points against a specific replica and rest must be deleted automatically. Correct me if...........

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Re: Block Size & Replica Restore points

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1. See page 15 of the User Guide. Also, in future, kindly please search the forum before posting your question. As you can imagine, most possible questions about the product have been already asked and answered before in the past years. This particular question is not an exception, and has been discussed multiple times.

2. Correct.

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