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Branch office and best pratice

Post by oyell »

We have 7 offsites (branch office) with 2 vSphere esxi 4.1 on each site, and with Lefthand as storage. (iscsi). The VC is located on main office, and all esxi servers are connected to this. On the main office, we have also a lefthand that we are able to connect directly from offsites by iscsi if wanted.

My questions :

1) Should Veeam Backup be installed on a VM on each offsite, and map the lefthand at main office by iscsi, and then do the job?
2) Or should Veeam Backup be installed at main office, and map the lefthand at offsite to do the backup?

At the moment I`m testing a trial version of veeam, but I cannot find a useful userguide on what is best pratice on where to install veeam. I know lefthand supports replication and so on, but some of these offsites only have a 1mbit link, and therefore, this is not doable with the buildt in option on lefthand.

Also, is there anything else I should keep in mind with this setup?

Vitaliy S.
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Re: Branch office and best pratice

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Oyvind,

Provided that some of your sites have a 1 Mb connection link, I would install Veeam backup servers on the source site (where source VMs are located) and use VA mode to perform a backup job. By the way, what will act as a destination target for the backup jobs?

Thank you!

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Re: Branch office and best pratice

Post by whynotq »

I was recommended to install Veeam backup server at the local site nearest the source VMs, then configure to run as a Virtual Appliance, push the jobs to the remote. So in your case if you want to backup the Remote Offices to central storage then Veeam at the Remote Office (Source) backing up to storage centrally.



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