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Call Execution Timeout Value

Post by klasikrkade »

I am getting MANY veam backup and replication job failures. When I look at the log entries for jobs I see some timeout values specified.

For Example:

Removing snapshot
Failed to retrieve "SCSI (0:0) Hard disk 1" disk information. Check VM virtual hardware configuration.
Call execution timeout (100000 ms)


Removing snapshot
RemoveSnapshot failed, snapshotRef "snapshot-22926", timeout "3600000"

Is it possible to increase these timeout values. I am assuming that the value is too low and the jobs are not having enough time to remove the snapshots.

Any suggestions/advice?
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Re: Call Execution Timeout Value

Post by Gostev »

Frank - it is RemoveSnapshot API call that timed out here (in other words, vCenter never acknowledged receiving this API call). For acknowledged calls, actual snapshot removal can take hours without causing our product to timeout. It is quite common that snapshot removal on large Exchange servers takes 45-60 minutes.

Condition with persistent SOAP calls timeouts affecting multiple jobs typically happens due to overloaded and/or malfunctioning vCenter server, or very bad network issues (severe packet drop). Our support may be able to provide additional hints after reviewing the log files, as well as suggest ways to confirm the issue without Veeam Backup involved - so that you could open support case with VMware.
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