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Can't get SAN mode to work

Post by pufferdude »

I have been using Veeam backup for several months, but always in NBD mode. I finally got around to trying SAN mode, but cannot get it to work.. it always errors saying there is no path to the LUN. Now, I know this is not really a Veeam issue but one of VCB itself not set up or configured properly, but I cannot find ANY step-by-step documentation on how to configure this thing and was hoping someone here might have some advice. The VCB 1.5 admin guide is terrible.

So far, I have configured the iSCSI initiator on my VCB proxy (which is also where Veeam runs) and the initiator can see the target and VMFS volume where my machines live... but I have no idea what to do beyond that. I can't find any instructions on what ELSE I need to configure to make VCB/Veeam able to see/use this LUN.

Can anyone point me to some good documentation?
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Re: Can't get SAN mode to work

Post by Gostev »

Jim, have you seen/read the "Tips to a successful Veeam Backup and VCB integration" whitepaper from our web site?
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