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can't import replica

Post by dingding »

i have a replication job works well for days, today i delete the job and replica, but all files are intact.
when i use "import backup" to browse the file in the ESX, the error is: failed to import backup, unknown VBK format.

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Re: can't import replica

Post by Gostev »

As per toolbar button name, import is only supported for backup files right now. ... rt+replica
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Import replica from v4 into v5

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I'm trying to import a replica made with v4.1.1 into v5.0.1 uning import backup tool, but I allways get the same error: Unknown VBK format

Is there someway to import these old replicas or should I to start from zero?

thanks in advance

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Re: Import replica from v4 into v5

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Juan,

Replica import is not supported in Veeam B&R. You can only import backup files, however this won't allow you re-use imported backup files as destination targets for the backup jobs.

As to your problem, then in v6 we are going to allow to map replicas into existing VMs in the DR site.

Thank you.

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