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[migrate+instant recovery] cannot get it working

Post by maxfontana »

Just upgraded from v5 to v6. No big issues so far. I've opened a ticket for the veeam vm which doesen't backup itself (vss freezing timeout error) but apart from that nothing to complain about.
I'm using 2 physical vsphere 4.1 hosts both with local storage and a nas iomega for backing up my VM's. I was curious to try the instant recovery vm combined with the migrate function but it doesen't seem to work. At a certain point, the job stops telling me there's an error and nothing else. Here are the steps followed:
Instant recovery of a backed up vm choosing, let's say, host 1
Once the vm is mounted I run the migrate and select the vm specifying to migrate it on the host 2 and its local storage.
The process starts but after a while it gets stuck and an error appears. The only thing I notice is that it creates a vm on the host2 by using a name like "name of the job+ many letters and number such as s737383h3hj3b3b30398398"
Any suggestion?
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Re: [migrate+instant recovery] cannot get it working

Post by Gostev »

Hi Max, glad you upgraded fine. Remember that VM server backing up itself is nothing new for v6, of course - we had this limitation since day 1, and there are multiple topics about this on the forums. You need to disable application-aware processing to be able to backup itself (search for error on forums for more info on the cause).

Regarding migration failure, as with any technical issue you need to submit full logs into our support for investigation.

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Re: [migrate+instant recovery] cannot get it working

Post by Vitaliy S. »

...and here is the topic that Anton refers to, by the way it also has your post inside: veeam 6 on a vm won't backup itself :wink:
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