Cannot get replication to work 2 B&R - Case #02198070

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Cannot get replication to work 2 B&R - Case #02198070

Veeam Logoby skprmark » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:35 pm


This is a fairly long issue and Veeam support is assisting but I think it has reached an impasse. I will try to append everything as much as possible and still get my point across. To start I had a B&R server running replication from one Hyper-V server to another. It ran for weeks without an issue. For clarity I will call the B&R server B&R1, The Hyper-V server the VM is replicating from HV1, The Hyper-V server being replicated to HV2. The VM being replicated VMR1 and the replicated VM VMR2. So basically B&R1 was replicating VMR1 to VMR2 from HV1 to HV2 and it worked great.

Then the customer decided they wanted their own B&R server. I built them a separate server and attempted to set up replication. I'll call it B&R2 The first thing I did was added HV1 and HV2 to B&R2. However I had neglected to remove them from B&R1. Frankly from my lack of experience I simply did not see this as an issue. However apparently it is.

Any time I try and replicate VMR1 from HV1 to VMR2 on Hv2 using B&R2 it fails. The failure message is always:

Processing configuration
Failed to process replication task Error: The RPC server is unavailable. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x800706BA)

However if I ran the same replication on B&R1 it still worked. After a few emails to Veeam support it was explained to me I could not have the Hyper-V servers in both B&R servers at the same time as they cannot share resources. Fair enough. I then removed both Hyper-V Servers from B&R1 and then deleted all replications off of HV2 and tried to run replication again. I get the same error.

Next I tried to remove the Hyper-V servers from B&R2 so that no B&R server had them. I then rebooted the B&R servers as well as HV2 as it was the host kicking the error. Then I added HV1 and HV2 back onto B&R2. They added with no issue. I then attempted to replicate VMR1 to VMR2 using B&R2 The result is the same. I get the same error as before. I rebooted HV2 and B&R2 again but the error persists. It is not possible to get the replication to work at this point and I am at roads end for a solution.

Can anyone give me some direction on a way to fix this issue. please? The only thing I haven't tried is rebooting HV1. I don't for two reasons. It is a production environment and the customer will not let me take it down. Also because it isn't kicking any errors that I can see.

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Re: Cannot get replication to work 2 B&R - Case #02198070

Veeam Logoby Andreas Neufert » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:10 pm

Was the B&R Server 2 a clone of the first one?
Or was it a clone from the same template.
Just try to install a new Windows Server VM and install B&R .. will it also fail?
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