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Capacity Tiering only with object storage?

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Hello all,

I've just updated our Veeam servers to 9.5U4, and one new feature I was looking forward to was capacity tiering: I thought I would be able to extend our SAN-based backup repos with cheap NAS storage, creating a scale-out repo consisting of SAN and NAS storage and have Veeam B&R automatically move older backups to the NAS.
But, after checking the option for capacity tiering on an existing scale-out repo ist seems that it's only possible to add cloud-based objective storage as lower tier levels, is this correct? Or is there a way to use normal on-site NAS for this?

Sorry if there's an answer for this in the release notes or somewhere else in the forum which I've missed, I've searched the forum for tiering but all threads I've found are several years old, so, I'd suspect they do not belong to 9.5 U4, :-).

Thanks and best regards from Germany,


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Re: Capacity Tiering only with object storage?

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Hello Harald,

The "Capacity Tier" branded feature is exclusively for: ... l?ver=95u4
allows you to store your backup data in cloud-based object storage such as:

Amazon S3
Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
IBM Cloud Object Storage
S3 Compatible
Also note that it only allows one to move the oldest restore points configured by policy, and cannot be a repository on its own.

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Re: Capacity Tiering only with object storage?

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The Help Center is usually the best place to learn how to setup Veeam, but also you can find the detailed description of all the new features in the What's New document.


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