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Carrier requirements

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What Carrier types are users utilizing for Veeam Replication, when very short RPO/RTO is required, for example if we had 40GB of replication (after compression). Carriers such as BT want everyone to sign up to LAN extensions for obvious cost reasons this is not always viable, so is other techniques like bonded ADSL in use succesfully, and what would be other options that are known to work - given lower level of SLA than LAN extension. We have a Site A and a Site B ready to go, and have Veeam installed at Site A already, but not being a carrier expert we do not want to under spec, but in the same breath don't want to pay the earth to a carrier, for overkill

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Re: Carrier requirements

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Hi Paul,
the sort question would be as usual "it depends"...
In reality, you first need to understood with some tests the time it takes for a single incremental run to complete. Those 40 Gb are the daily changes produces by your VMs, the total size of the replica, or something else?
Also, you (or your management) is in charge of defining the desired RPO, and from there do some calculations on data to be moved and available bandwidth to find out if it is ok at the actual level, or it needs to be increased.
Latency is not a huge problem for replication, since it is asynchronous, I would be more converned about link resiliency and bandwidth.

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