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CBT-Enabled Restore

Post by jetroy82 »

Does Veeam Backup & Replication v6 use change block tracking as part of the restore process? Can you explain this process and when it is a benefit to use?

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Re: CBT-Enabled Restore

Post by Gostev »

No. CBT was never designed to be used with restores, as it does not track external modification to virtual disk files, but only hypervisor-related I/O. So, it does not have any knowledge of possibly corrupted blocks. Early on, back when vStorage API and CBT were introduced in 2009, we have done lots of stress testing around CBT, and did not find it reliable enough to rely on for restores in real disaster scenarios with storage affected.

Instead, we implemented Instant VM Recovery - it provides much faster, and 100% reliable restores in any disaster scenario.

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