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Change Backup-Location of VM

Post by akraemer »

we have an HyperV failover Cluster with 2 nodes. Now we have some VMs which have not been part of the cluster bevor and was located only on one of the hyperv hosts. Backup-Location is HYPERV-Hostname\VM-Name. Now we added this vms to failover cluster and have to change the backup-location path in the backup job without losing the old disk backups.
Is it possible to change the location path in backup job of an existing vm so it searches for the vm on over the failover-clustername and not only on on host?
Removing and readding the vm would not work because of not having enough backup disk space to double hold the backups till we have enough new backups again.
May someone knows an solution? (Console, Change Registry Entry or something)

Thanks alot.
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Re: Change Backup-Location of VM

Post by HannesK »

and welcome to the forums.

If the same VM is backed up via cluster instead of the host directly, then it gets a new ID on the Hyper-V side. New ID means new full backup from Veeam perspective. For VMware, there are some documented database hacks how to change the IDs, but I'm not aware of any documentation around Hyper-V.

That means a new full backup is needed.

In general, you can move files to a new repository, but that does not solve your problem with the host vs. cluster:

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