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Change DDBoost user

Post by Dave1337 »

Hello everyone,

I need to change the actual DDBoost user that my production Data Domain uses. I tried this on Friday by changing the DDBoost storage unit "owner" to the new user and then modifying the Veeam repository to use the new user but received permission errors when the scheduled jobs tried to run, so I switched everything back to the regular sysadmin user.

My question is, what is the best way to move to the new DDBoost user? If I delete/readd the repo, my backup jobs would be "imported" and not necessarily behave the same, correct? Or is there a different process to accomplish this task?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Change DDBoost user

Post by nefes »

First question is: what exact version of DD OS do you use? 5.4 allows only one ddboost user, while 5.5 allows to make several users with granular permissions to storage units. It's important to remember, that every storage unit can be accessed by single user only, not multiple ones.
If you are on 5.5, where have you created new user? Was it Management-DD Boost tab or System Settings - Access Management? It is better to go through first way.
Do not forget to select this user for your storage unit and enter that credentials in repository setting of Veeam console.
Changing credentials in existing repository is easier than re-adding it, since you will not need to edit existing jobs.

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