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Change from CIFS to local VMDK destination

Post by 247it »

Hi All, I am now evaluating B & R and it seems to be going ok. I have installed it on a physical box rather than a VM, and because we do not have a SAN, used a CIFS share as the destination - I understand probably not the most efficient way to do it. I want to setup a VM to 'house' the B & R system next week. Is it possible to then 'move'/import the backups I am doing this week on CIFS into the new local disk destination that I create next week so we can avoid losing those full backups that are happening this week? Hope the question makes sense.
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Re: Change from CIFS to local VMDK destination

Post by vbussiro »

Sorry, I don't think it's an easy thing. You can import your old backup in order to restore anything into it, but you can't continue to backup with. You should set up a new job on your new VM (think about virtual appliance mode) and delete your old backup when it's no more useful.
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Re: Change from CIFS to local VMDK destination

Post by Vitaliy S. »

Hello Tony,

Vincent is correct, you can import your old backup files to Veeam console in case you need to do a restore operation, but you should setup the backup jobs from scratch. Also If you install Veeam server into VM, don't forget to grant this VM with 4 vCPU to have a better performance in Virtual Appliance mode.

However if you would like to move all your job configurations to continue backing up to CIFS share, you can move Veeam SQL DB to a VM and re-use that DB with a new setup.

Thank you!
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