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Change IP Address on Replicated VM

Post by bradclark »

We are currently replicating our critical VMs over to a remote disaster recovery site.

I was wondering if there is any way that as part of the replication if the IP address of the replicated VM could be changed?
All of these VMs are running the VMWare Tools in the OS.

I noticed there is an option to run a script after the replication has completed. Would there be a way I could create a script or some type of config I could do to change the IP on these Replicated VMs to match the IP scheme of my DR site?

I know the VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager has the ability to do this.

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Re: Change IP Address on Replicated VM

Post by Gostev »

Hi Brad, we are looking to add the ability to run script in replica VM upon failover in future release, but as of right now I am not sure how you can automate this.

Did you consider setting up additional virtual NIC on your production VMs, and configuring IP settings on the correspondig network connection to one from DR site? This way, upon failover production connection will not be working of course, but this DR site connection will kick in automatically.

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Re: Change IP Address on Replicated VM

Post by Bunce »

We do something similar to this. Drawback is that you don't generally want the 'DR-NIC' active during normal operation, so we disable it.

Therefore you need to re-enable after bringing up in a DR scenario - not overly difficult to do, however you may wish to script it if you have a number.
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