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Change the value of replica name suffix

Post by Jano » Dec 14, 2011 10:20 am

I'm trying to change the replica name suffix in v.6 and put it empty, but when I edit
the JOb again is filled with the value _replica.
Any idea?

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Post by Gostev » Dec 14, 2011 11:11 am

Hi, it cannot be empty to prevent having VMs with the same name in the infrastructure. Thanks.

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Re: Change the value of replica name suffix

Post by ThomasMc » Dec 14, 2011 7:19 pm

Shhhh don't tell Anton it does that because he might get it fixed :D the great thing about B&R is that its pretty smart so you only really need to pay attention to the suffix when you Create, Remove replica from the inventory or delete the replica set, I'll give you an example.

I use Prefixes in my environment so when I first setup my replica job I removed the suffix(Via the GUI as PS won't allow it LOL), run my script to add the Prefix "Replica_" and kicked the job off, now this creates the VM folder like "ca01.lab.local" and registers the vm in vSphere as "Replica_ca01.lab.local" after that was done i forgot to check a box, so went into the job and edited the setting and clicked finish(I didn't even go into the "Job Setting" bit and notice that _replica had been set again or check PS to notice that it also removed my prefix) but the job just carried on regardless still dropping the files to the "ca01.lab.local" folder and the VM was still registered as "Replica_ca01.lab.local"

So as Anton said, your making it do something it shouldn't so don't break it :P

Bit OT but I'm surprised Prefixes never made it to the first release of v6 as from what I can see there is only two dots to join for it to work perfect.

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