Cheat the network between two Veeam Proxy servers

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Cheat the network between two Veeam Proxy servers

Veeam Logoby rosenstand » Tue Jul 11, 2017 11:53 am

Hi All

Is there an way for me, to cheat the network setup of two of my Backup proxyes?

Let me explain.

Today I got one VM, my backup server.
This runs at site A in VMware, and next to it, I have an physical server running with an DAS as an proxy server for Veeam... Just doing all the heavy lifting, and processing all the jobs.
At site B, I also have an physical server running with another DAS, and also as an proxy for Veeam. This server is build for my DR Site, and also as an archive for backup jobs.

Between these two sites I got an 100mbit connection, where my normally production work also runs.

Then, to cheat the file movement between the two sites, I have an 1Gbit link to my disposal for an few weeks, before this goes into production as an new connection, and after this, my 100mbit line are shut down.
So I want to make an backup copy job in my Proxy at site A, and some how have these files to be sent over my 1Gbit connection to site B.
But as from what I can see, I can select the proxy at site B in the job setup, but can I be sure that this job will use my faster connection?

The setup of the 1Gbit link, are an cable from Proxy A, into an switch at site A, then an ISP connection out to site B, and a cable from the switch there, and into the Proxy at site B.
The servers are connected through this line with IP: at site A, and at site B, and can easy talk to each other, by SMB, Ping, and so on.

Any idea?


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Re: Cheat the network between two Veeam Proxy servers

Veeam Logoby PTide » Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:38 pm


Have you tried to use these settings?

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