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Check CloudConnect SP version

Post by iSnackyCracky »

Hey guys,

is there any way to check or see (as a CloudConnect Tenant) which version a service provider is using? (Other than asking them before each upgrade of course. :))

kind regards

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Re: Check CloudConnect SP version

Post by wishr »

Hi iSnackyCracky,

B&R has a built-in mechanism that verifies if the SP's backup version is updated when you are installing an update. If it is not, you'll be notified, however, we usually recommend to check the SP's version in advance.

You may check the log of a job targeting Cloud Connect and look for a line similar to one of the below.

Code: Select all

[13.08.2019 17:27:18] <01> Info     [CloudGateSvc х.х.х.х:6180]Response: CIResult:c896015a-27c9-490b-8703-419f86972711, ServerTime:13.08.2019 14:27:17, Version:,
As you see, Version: is mentioned and this indicates the SP uses B&R 9.5U4b, according to this KB article.


Code: Select all

[20.02.2020 17:30:15] <01> Info     Checking compatibility between client and server (Client='', Server='', Components=2)
This information indicates that both the tenant and the SP use B&R version 10, GA build.

I hope it helps. Thanks.

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