Cloud Connect Backup - UK Partner recommendation please?

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Cloud Connect Backup - UK Partner recommendation please?

Veeam Logoby shearingc » Wed Jun 07, 2017 2:20 pm

Hope someone might be able to help with this?

We have a project to extend our on-site Veeam Backup to a cloud repository, so we have a physically separate coy of our backups offsite again (this has been missing since we moved to Veeam and disk based storage).

I tried contacting Veeam directly and was just told to visit the find a provider page - which lists a number of companies but doesn't really seem to give a list of which services they offer and as I've not heard of most of them before I have little to go on. Our reseller for Veeam unfortunately isn't a Cloud partner.

We have a pretty simple set of requirements - 21TB of total data in our backups currently in Reverse Incremental mode (so this may increase a little if we need to change backup method as I believe the Reverse Incremental isn't suited well to backup-copy jobs) of which all or a subset if the cost is prohibitive would like to be encrypted and copied to a cloud repository. We don't currently require any ability to host or restore to cloud services and all job verification will be performed onsite. This is purely a last resort storage and ideally should never be used to restore from :).

We've discussed this with one company and the proposal seemed more complicated than I understood Cloud Connect to be and seemed more like a bespoke system and not the framework Veeam has setup - so I really need some alternatives to compare both the method of implementation and costs.

If anyone had some recommendations of Veeam Cloud partners in the UK that offer the cloud repository I would love to hear them!

The other thought I had for this - is it perhaps a better idea to wait for v10 and just use VTL and a cheap long term storage like Amazon Glacier or another well known box in the cloud?

Appreciate any assistance here!

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Re: Cloud Connect Backup - UK Partner recommendation please?

Veeam Logoby mikeconjoice » Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:46 pm

Not that I've used them in a while, but I've always had positive experiences with iland - ... ith-veeam/

They do a 30day / 1GB trial too so you can see the process involved in connecting up!
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