Cloud Connect is just awful

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Cloud Connect is just awful

Veeam Logoby bryanmeche » Thu Jan 19, 2017 1:28 pm

02038681 and 02017954

Since implementing Veeam about six months ago, we have had awful luck with cloud connect specifically backup copy jobs. I've had a case going on for a month that seems nowhere near resolution, but before this case we've had various cases due to backup failures of all kinds. It seems we can't go two weeks without these jobs throwing errors. I don't know if our provider is subpar, or if the product itself is poor, but I have to admit I'm reaching the end of my rope here and am looking for input.

I won't get into details of all our cases, all someone has to do is look up our account and see all the ticket we've had due to cloud connect. It seems that it's very prone to failures caused due to maintenance or a network interruption. For instance, we may have an issue with errors Veeam support is able to solve after a few hours, and things will work fine until our cloud connect provider performs maintenance. I imagine when they shut down their networking or their Veeam services for maintenance, it's in the middle of a running job and Veeam does not like that one bit. Our cloud connect provider does not perform an unreasonable amount of network maintenance but when they do there's no easy way for me to go in and disable ALL my backup copy jobs and remember to turn them on. I cringe when I see a maintenance window email from them now because I know I'll see errors Veeam support has to resolve once it's done.

To add to this, when a network interruption occurs the same thing happens. I was told by Veeam support once "Please see about getting a better internet provider" due to some issues with our ISP going down in the middle of jobs. Unfortunately due to living in the States we're stuck with who we have and we don't have the budget for multiple circuits. That being said, the nature of cloud connect happening via the internet there has to be better error recovery because networking issues happen regardless. It could be an unplanned outage in the middle of sending data, or an unplanned outage at our cloud connect provider's end. I find it silly Veeam seems to be unable to work around network interruptions and spits permanent errors support has to go in and fix (and is not always able, their answer has just been to run another full backup which we can not do due to various reasons but storage being one of them, it's expensive!).

We've also had unrecoverable errors with replication jobs that happen after a maintenance window. Unlike copy jobs, I'm able to go into the job, delete the entire replica, and start over, though I find that very annoying to have to do I haven't had the time to work with Veeam support on why this happens due to all the other issues with backup copy jobs that do not have a work around.

Also, not trying to dog on the support engineer I've been working with, he's been good as have most I've worked with, but I'm just hoping to get some higher attention at Veeam on this issue. The support cases right now I'm working are 02038681 and 02017954. These errors have been happening for about a month and I don't think we're anywhere closer to resolution.
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