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Cloud storage using Amazon Glacier

Post by mephisto » Mar 07, 2015 10:45 am

Hi there,

My client wants to archive stuff, that means last 12 months of monthly backups and yearly full backups.

I believe the best way would be storing the first full monthly backup, then forward incremental over 11 months (I would prefer a differential to avoid data corruption in a long chain of incremental, then making a backup copy of the first month backup and keep as a standalone backup and from there start building the yearly backup plan. I'm not sure exactly how a cloud provider would work as I'm not familiar with them, but I can see some of them give you a repository to add on veeam, but some others are using a virtual tape library. Some people suggested simply uploading all data using a ftp client to amazon (which I think is a completely wrong approach) but we would lose all management of the backups. I don't want to simply have a ftp server storing the files, I would like to have the facilities to create backup copies of existing backups, control retention and all other features a normal backup repository would have. Would I have those features with the virtual tape library?

What would you suggest as the best way to achieve these requirements? We are aware of glacier costs for retrieval, it is just for legal requirements that we are storing them long term as if the company is sued let's say, in 5 years time because of something, we can prove it.

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Re: Cloud storage using Amazon Glacier

Post by Vitaliy S. » Mar 07, 2015 2:05 pm

Hi Mephisto,

Please check out these existing topics, should be helpful > Testing Veeam B&R v8 and I want to archive data to Amazon s3 and Rotation scheme for backups to Glacier


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