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Combining BackupAssist with VBR for rsync backups

Post by pauliem »

Just thought I would post how I am performing my rsync backups as they are now working really quite well.

I am running VBR inside a VM to backup VM's with the virtual appliance mode and then using the built in rsync support of Backup Assist ( ... Rsync.html ) to send the backups off to a remote machine. The BackupAssist task is triggered from VBR when the backup job is complete(although this does not always seem to work).

Also using the registry option to prevent the backup filenames being renamed.

It's a low cost way of getting nice backup reports and an easy to use interface with good logging etc.

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Re: Combining BackupAssist with VBR for rsync backups

Post by efahle »

Hi im looking into the same way to perform backup, but can't seem to find out how to do it.

Could you describe how you configured???

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