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Comparison of falconstor cdp and Veeam

Post by Yuya »


I'd like to know that Veeam is better than falconstor cdp.
Please teach me some information.


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Re: Comparison of falconstor cdp and Veeam

Post by PTide »


We are unable to provide comparisons with 3rd party software because we do not have sufficient expertise in those solutions. The best thing would be for you to tell us your requirements, then we 'll be able to tell you whether Veeam is able to meet them.


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Re: Comparison of falconstor cdp and Veeam

Post by mkretzer »


We only know DataCore CDP but i believe it is similar. We used Veeam and DataCore CDP at the same time for quite some time.
CDP and what Veeam provides are very different. With DataCore CDP is working like a permanent "transaction log", writing all changes to a buffer and then destaging them after the set retention period. This has some advantages (you can jump to any point in time for example and can recover really instant) but also many disadvantages. Main disadvantage for us that CDP is all on one Media. If that media fails you loose everything. It violates the 3-2-1 rule so basically i think it can not count as backup.

Also, with Veeam it is alot easier to get consistent database backups because it provides integrations and scripting to access guest OS.

We stopped using CDP 2 years ago because Veeam can now do something similar with log backups at least for SQL and Oracle. CDP on the other hand had big performance impact because the CDP destaging basically means that your storage load can be doupled.


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