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Compatibility information/matrix for multipathing solutions?

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VCB came with this nice compatibility matrix that showed whether a multipathing solution (like EMC PowerPath) was compatible with VCB. Now, with VADP/VDDK VMware seems to have shifted the responsibility for such a matrix to the backup vendors.
"VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) has a knowledge base article (link here) showing the support matrix for storage multipathing. VMware does not provide a similar support matrix for VDDK. Customers should seek this information from their backup software vendors."
Is there such a thing for Veeam B&R? I am in particular looking for information on EMC PowerPath compatibility (for which I've found various unofficial tidbits throughout the forum). Didn't see multipathing mentioned in the release notes or user guide though.
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Re: Compatibility information/matrix for multipathing soluti

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Hello Sebastian, there is no compatibilty matrix for multipathing solutions.
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Re: Compatibility information/matrix for multipathing soluti

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Here is the explanation why VMware changed their approach (and the change is quite logical to me). First, VDDK sits atop of storage access layer, so multipathing interactions should be transparent for VDDK as long as multipathing software operates properly. Second, if we as backup vendor want to supply support matrix for certain storage/multipathing software combination, then we should be the one testing that matrix, working together with the corresponding storage vendor. If we find a bug in our testing that points at VDDK, we have ability to open a case with VMware and request fix to be implemented.

I am guessing such compatibility testing is something we can start doing down the road depending on amount of requests for specific multipathing solution. We are currently in the process of establishing partnerships with multiple storage vendors (the interest is mutual), so this should help us down the road as well.

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