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Complaint against the forum!

Post by ivanildogalvao »

Hello, I wonder why my posts are being merged with posts very old and therefore no one answers my questions, I'd like my posts were not merged with other, facilitating the visualization and also all the answers.

I look forward to!

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Re: Complaint against the forum!

Post by Vitaliy S. »


Thank you for you feedback. We do not allow multiple discussions on the same topic, because it only results in exact same stuff discussed over and over again. This obviously brings no value to the community, causing nothing but distraction for people who follow these community closely.

Most questions you may have about the product have been already asked and answered here on this forum before in the past years, so it is always a good idea to use search before asking, review the existing discussions, and continue posting there if they do not answer your question fully.

We kindly ask that everyone follows our forum rules before creating new post.

Thank you!

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Re: Complaint against the forum!

Post by Gostev »

The main reason is very simple. This practice leads to very poor search results, as anyone using forum search will be getting multiple results.

It is impossible to consume the content effectively when it is spread across 10 topics. Someone will find one topic, another one will find another. And the answer from R&D will be in the 3rd one they won't find... instead, they will just create YET another topic.

Additionally, merging duplicate topics into the existing discussion makes it easier for future users to find that discussion. Obviously, the more ways to describe the issue is included in the topic, the higher a chance is for the topic to pop up in search results. Everyone asks the same questions slightly differently, using different words - the more ways to ask the question is included in the topic by merging the posts, the easier it is to find this topic.

Ultimately, this just makes the life easier for everyone - so no need to be upset or mad about this. Instead, most people normally thank the moderator for doing the work of searching the forum and finding the existing discussion for them.

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