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Complete Job re-running with one VM error.

Post by BearHuntr »

I just upgraded to Veeam 4.1 and am using it in Virtual Appliance mode which seems to be great so far. I set up my backup jobs to be based on VM folders in the Vsphere infrastructure with around 10-20 VMs in each folder. In the past, with Veeam 3.x, when a single VM in a job failed, only that VM would try again. Now, with Veeam 4.1, when a single VM in the job fails, it runs the entire job again instead of just the one failed VM. This is making my job runs too long and seems to be taking up way more disk space than before. Is this normal with version 4.1 or is there something that I'm missing that will make it work like it did before with 3.x? Thanks!

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Re: Complete Job re-running with one VM error.

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Hello Scott, retry cycles should definitely affect only failed VMs with version 4.1. We did not change this functionality comparing to v3. If you believe you are seeing different behaviour with retries repeating the whole job instead of just failed VMs, we will be happy to investigate this for you - please open a support case with our support.

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