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Concurrent Backup Jobs? - v

Post by mmonroe »

Lets say you only have one Veeam server, it is the proxie and the backups are stored locally on this server.

Can multiple scheduled backup jobs run correctly at the same time?

Also, is this the a function of the Backup Proxies "max concurrent task" selection?

For example, I have one scheduled job that runs several hours from about 6:00-10:00pm. I have a different production server that I need to schedule to backup specifically at 8:00pm and its settings require it to be a separate job schedule.

Normally, I always try to schedule them so that they run at different times, however, I am not running into some situations where jobs may need to overlap.

All thoughts and ideas are appreciated.


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Re: Concurrent Backup Jobs? - v

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You can run concurrent jobs. 2 CPUs per job is the recommendation.

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