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Concurrent replication jobs in virtual appliance mode

Post by Matt_CGB »


Are there any issues with having multiple replication jobs running concurrently in virtual appliance mode?

I have tested Virtual appliance mode on a couple of my smaller replication jobs and have seen a significant speed increase, however a number of my bigger VM's (500GB+) end up running concurrently due to time constraints.

Environment is Veeam 4.1 in a VM, ESX 3.5 Hosts and Virtual Center 4. - We are in the planning stages of going to ESX 4 so that we can take advantage of CBT.

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Re: Concurrent replication jobs in virtual appliance mode

Post by Gostev »

Matt, there are no known issues with concurrent jobs. But try setting up jobs in a way to:
- avoid parallel snapshots operations on the source LUN (iSCSI reservation issues)
- avoid multiple jobs writing to the same network target (uncontrolled target saturation, possible random failures)
Some customers shared with us that they find 3-4 concurrent jobs maximum to be the optimal choice to fully leverage production storage throughtput and have reliable backups.

Also, be sure to monitor Veeam Backup VM CPU load during backup (especially with CBT enabled), we recommend 4 vCPU for best backup performance because of how much data Veeam Backup pipes through itself with on-the-fly processing. CBT really keeps our engine busy as it no longer need to spend most of the time scanning the image for changed blocks.
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