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Configuration of Enterprise Manager

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I'm trying Enterprise Manager and i have questions about the configuration...

In "Search Servers" :
- the Index limit parameter limit the number of files who will be indexed ?
- I'm trying to set the limit to 1 000 000 but i cannot validate that blocks to 999 999, Veeam limitation ?
- Which size will make the database with an index with 300 000/1 000 000 ?

In Catalog Settings, what want to say with "Retention period" parameter ? The catalog retain, keep index for old files of old backup ?

Licensing :
If we plan to manage different Veeam Backup with different licenses it is not possible ? If i understand the Enterprise Manager push the same licence file on all Veeam Backup servers ?
If yes, i can use my license file buy last week on different Veeam Backup servers ?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Configuration of Enterprise Manager

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Hi Damien,

I do not recommend changing those search server settings manually unless instructed by support. You will find they change automatically to the recommended values when you change your server type in the drop-down list. Increasing them beyond recommended values may result in unacceptable performance and other issues.

You are correct on retention period. Note that this setting applies to Veeam Backup and Replication Enterprise Edition only, as Standard Edition keeps index only for backups currently on disk.

You are also correct about licensing. Yes, you can use the same license file to install multiple Veeam Backup servers. Enteprise Manager will keep track of consolidated license usage.


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