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Configuring VMware tools for VSS

Post by withanh »

A while back I had a VMware guy make me a recommendation about whether or not to install the VMware VSS component when installing the VMware tools. I think he said to not install it when installing on a machine that will have a database (like a DC or Exchange or SQL). I'm building a new Server 2008 R2 VM for my Veeam backup server and wanted to know if you had any recommendations for this.


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Re: Configuring VMware tools for VSS

Post by Gostev »

Our recommendation is definitely to use Veeam VSS integration in all cases (see Backup Consistency wizard step). There are a number of existing threads on this forum which discusses VMware VSS vs. Veeam VSS vs. VMware quiescence, you may want to read them for more information on how these compare to each other. But definitely use Veeam VSS whenever possible.

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