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connecting SAN to Veeam

Post by mstamp »

Good Afternoon

I have a 2003 SP3 machine called ACS2 that currently runs Veeam. It is connected via a fiber switch to our AX100. Our ESX server (VM1) is connected to that as well. The San can see both servers. Is there anything that i have to install on our veeam server for it to use the san? VMWare Consolidated Backup is grayed out.

Can someone help me please! Thanks
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Re: connecting SAN to Veeam

Post by Gostev »

Hello, this question is actually covered in FAQ (stickied thread) :wink:

No - you do not need to install anything else. Just configure your job to use vStorage API in SAN with failover, which is the default mode. One thing you may want to do (unless you did this already), is to disable automount on Windows box.
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