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Coping Veeam files

Post by mdking » Feb 04, 2016 8:59 am

Hi All,

I just wanted to confirm a few items before I start copying files.

The outline is: I have a backup repository that I want to change the RAID configuration. The repository already has Veeam reverse incremental backup files stored, so I wanted to move these files off, complete the RAID config and then move the Data back.

This is what I had planned:

1. Move Data off NAS 1. Using RoboCopy (Is this suitable for transferring the files?)

2. Change disks in NAS 1 and rebuild array:

3. Move data back onto NAS 1. Using RoboCopy

4. Reconfigure the ISCI connections and re map the Veeam files

I just wanted to know if using something like RoboCopy is suitable? And is there anything I need to be aware of when remapping the jobs?


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Re: Coping Veeam files

Post by foggy » Feb 04, 2016 9:51 am

You can copy files using any file copy tool. If the path to repository will not change, you do not even need to re-map the jobs.

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